Jaguar Service Melbourne


When you need a comprehensive Jaguar service in Melbourne, you always go with the experts at Prestige Auto Works. Prestige Auto works offer Jaguar car service and Diagnosis to the Jaguar owners of Melbourne at a fraction of the cost of an official Jaguar dealer all without voiding your warranty. All our servicing work is carried out above factory specifications by our fully qualified and highly experienced Jaguar specialist technicians. This is to ensure unrivalled genuine service to keep your Jaguar at peak performance for an exceptional driving experience.

Jaguar Servicing Melbourne

Prestige Auto Work’s brand-new facility in Airport West have all the tools and equipment required to maintain and service your Jaguar to the highest possible standard. We carry our Jaguar logbook services with our highly trained Jaguar technicians. Using only genuine parts, designed specifically for your vehicle, our services are carried out above factory specifications. Any Jaguar service carried out by us will not void your warranty in the event of a fault with your Jaguar vehicle. Being a fully independent, Melbourne based Jaguar specialist, Prestige Auto Works can offer jaguar car service at a competitive cost compared to a Jaguar Dealer while maintaining the personal care and attention you would expect from a Jaguar specialist in Melbourne.

Jaguar Diagnosis Melbourne

Prestige Auto Works has all the tools necessary to perform a full Jaguar diagnosis on your vehicle when it isn’t running how you would expect. The Jaguar diagnostic equipment will be able to communicate with your vehicle to identify the issues. Our experienced Jaguar technicians will put all the time, effort, and care into finding any faults present with your Jaguar. All Jaguar diagnosis work is communicated to you in detail, explaining the problem and how it is going to be fixed. After that, we will tell you how much it will cost before any work is carried out. We strive to keep costs low while bringing you Jaguar in top condition. When your Jaguar is at Prestige Auto Works, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in the best possible hands and kept in pristine condition.

Jaguar Tuning Melbourne

A Jaguar Tune will increase its performance drastically, by increasing power across the whole rev range and improving fuel economy, all while retaining all factory safety features and being able to adapt to any conditions, just like a factory stock Jaguar. Prestige Auto Works is Melbourne’s go to destination for all your Jaguar Tuning and Jaguar Performance Needs.