Bentley Tuning and Performance Upgrades


Bentley produces exceptional cars with engines that deliver fierce power and performance. The Bentley Continental GT is a stunning example of exceptional performance with itsĀ  4.0L V8 Twin Turbo engine. But when exceptional becomes the standard… Prestige Auto Works can elevate your Bentley to new heights. With our performance upgrades and proprietary Bentley Continental GT tuning, we are able to increase the horsepower and torque of your Bentley.

With our proprietary ECU tuning software and hardware and leading equipment, we are able to increase the throttle response, faster turbo spool and increase torque. This will give you the driving dynamics and characteristics that will make your Bentley feel fresh and exciting once again.

Bentley Tuning

Our goal with each Bentley ECU Tune or Dyno Tune is to extract the maximum possible gains out of the Bentley while keeping the operating parameters safely within the confines of reliability and longevity. With our Custom Bentley tuning, we are able to individualise each tune to our customers needs.