Porsche Servicing Melbourne


You have just brought your dream car – a Porsche. Who do you trust to help maintain your new pride and joy? What happens if something goes wrong? What happens if you want more POWER? P.A.W is here to help. Above all, an Independent Porsche specialist mechanic based in Melbourne. In addition, the expertly trained, fully equipped, and experienced mechanical technicians from P.A.W are the only ones you should trust with your most prized possession. In conclusion, the P.A.W is a fully independent Porsche specialist who has all the tools of the big dealerships. In addition, with the personal connection of fellow Porsche enthusiasts.

Porsche Service Melbourne

Firstly, Prestige Auto Works can perform log-book servicing that retains a factory warranty. In other words, all logbook service work is carried out to factory specifications using only original manufacturer recommended parts. Above all, our Porsche servicing costs will save you significant money compared to Porsche dealers in Melbourne.

Porsche Diagnosis Melbourne

Our independent Porsche mechanics can diagnose any issue no matter how big or small. For instance, our Porsche specialists will take the time to investigate any issue you are having before giving you an honest and cost-effective appraisal to get your car back on the road in a timely manner. Similarly, if you do not understand any aspect of the repairs being carried out, our Porsche specialists will be able to explain the original diagnosis and discuss the steps being carried out to solve issues.

Porsche Performance Melbourne

After enjoying your new high-performance Porsche for a while, you find yourself thinking about what’s next. For instance, the power of your Porsche is no longer exciting, it is starting to feel ‘normal’. In Conclusion, P.A.W is here to help. For instance, we specialise in and have a history of success in making all Porsche’s fast. From humble Porsche 944 tuning, all the way up to brand new Porsche 911 tuning. P.A.W has a solution for you. Mild to Wild, Street to Track, P.A.W has done it. Therefore, come in now for a free Porsche tuning and performance appraisal. After that, let P.A.W bring the excitement back to your car!