Mercedes Service


Mercedes Benz’ are beautiful cars. In other words, Everyone has aspired to own one at some point in their life. Now with a Mercedes in your driveway, after that, you would want to keep good care and logbook service it. However, if given to someone to drive or be around it, they might mistreat it. Most of the time, you would be right. However, Prestige Auto Works is different. In other words, Prestige Auto Works is Melbourne’s most trusted Mercedes Benz service centre. Independently owned and operated by car enthusiasts who give the care and attention required to ensure that your car is looked after the way that you expect it to. Finally, the fully equipped, expertly trained Mercedes Benz and AMG specialists at Prestige Auto Works have been caring for cars for 10 years. You can trust the experienced Mercedes Benz mechanics here in Melbourne.

Mercedes Benz Service Melbourne

All P.A.W log-book services use genuine parts and oils. Similarly, all parts are carried out to factory specifications – Ensuring that factory warranty is maintained. Servicing your car with Prestige Auto Works’ Mercedes Benz service centre will save you money and above all, give you peace of mind. We are an independent Mercedes service centre in Melbourne with a team of Mercedes specialists. We carry out Mercedes log-book servicing at a lower cost compared to the typical dealership, with a greater attention to detail.

Mercedes Benz Diagnosis Melbourne

P.A.W Mercedes Benz specialists can diagnose all faults with your car. Firstly all diagnosis comes with a verbal report on the problems found. In addition, seeking approval on repairs and costs. Our Mercedes specialists take the time to explain any issues found to help you understand. After that, we carry out the work out to rectify the issue. This is the Prestige Auto Works difference.

Mercedes Benz Performance Tuning Melbourne

In conclusion, Mercedes Benz AMG produce some of the most potent European Muscle cars available. However, what happens when enough is no longer enough? In conclusion, Prestige Auto Works has a solution for you! As Melbourne’s AMG tuning specialists and can help you achieve your wildest expectations. For instance, from a simple exhaust upgrade, to full engine rebuilds with big turbos. You can trust Prestige Auto Works AMG tuning experience to deliver to your expectations while remaining completely reliable on the roads ahead.

With our custom Mercedes Tuning,  we fully re-calibrate the engine to increase torque and power. Our custom Mercedes tuning unlocks considerably more power than the standard ‘cut and pastes’ tune. It provides our customers with the exact driving experience that they’re after.

We improve your Mercede’s throttle response to increasing horsepower and torque. We do this while still preserving the OEM drivability and reliability of your Mercedes. With our Mercedes ECU tuning, you will see benefits that include but are not limited to:

    • Increase Power and Performance
    • Greater Acceleration Output
    • Better Fuel Economy
    • Improved Handling and Adaptability
    • Sharper Throttle Response

In conjunction with our Mercedes Servicing, you can be assured that your Mercedes continues to perform and maintain the AMG standard for longevity and reliability.