Lamborghini Service and Performance


You feel a certain way when you get in your Lamborghini. It is a feeling that not many have experienced. The team at Prestige Auto Works are some of the few who have, making them your logical choice when considering where to perform your Lamborghini service in Melbourne. With a large community of successful Lamborghini owners who trust us with their beautiful cars, you know they will have the care and attention to look after your car how you would expect. Prestige Auto Works’ team of specialist Lamborghini technicians have the training and the tools to make sure your Lamborghini is running to its full potential, and beyond!

Lamborghini Servicing Melbourne

When it is time to service your Lamborghini serviced, Prestige Auto Works is your only logical choice. Not only is our Lamborghini Aventador service cost far below that of a factory owned dealership, but our log-book services retain your factory warranty and only use the best factory specification OEM parts available. Prestige Auto Works can maintain your Lamborghini above factory standard, ask us how today! Whether its a Lamborghini Huracan Service or you’re looking to get the lowest Lamborghini Aventador service cost, Prestige Auto Works has all the answers for your next Lamborghini Service

Lamborghini Diagnosis

Lamborghini Diagnosis

Next time you have trouble with your Lamborghini, Prestige Auto Works is here to help. Our experienced and highly trained Lamborghini technicians will have your car back on the road quickly. We will quickly diagnose any problem, coming up with a cost effective but thorough solution to ensure the fault is solved, first time. Our technicians will take the time to walk you through the plan to get your car back on the road and make sure you understand exactly what is happening before proceeding. This is the difference Prestige Auto Works difference.

Lamborghini Performance

Lamborghini makes some of the most desirable cars in the world. They are fast, powerful, and handle well. A car can always be better… The Lamborghini performance specialists at Prestige Auto Works are here to show you just that. We offer our APR and custom dyno tuning solutions and more. From a mild tune to a full-on race rebuild, we can meet your wildest expectations. We change how your Lamborghini behaves and tailor it to your specific needs and demands while not voiding your warranty. Let the team at Prestige Auto Works transform your Lamborghini today!