Performance - Skoda


Prestige Auto Works is the leading Skoda specialist in Melbourne. We have succeeded in providing Skoda performance upgrades for over two decades. From Skoda Superb tuning Australia to Skoda performance upgrades, Prestige Auto Works is the option for you.

We offer a wide range of performance upgrades. From body styling to suspensions as well as APR and custom dyno tuning, we are experts at improving Skoda vehicles.

Skoda Tuning

We specialise in Skoda tuning. With every Skoda ECU tune, we fully re-calibrate the engine system to increase to both power and torque. Our Skoda tuning process unlocks more power and torque than the standard ‘cut and paste’ Skoda tunes. By customising each tune, we provide customers with a driving experience that matches their exact needs and wants.

We provide all these benefits while preserving the longevity of your Skoda. Our Skoda Superb Tuning Australia is calibrated to suit your exact driving style and preferences. Whether you are after a greater acceleration output or better fuel economy, we can provide various options for your Skoda ECU tune.

Skoda Dyno Tuning

With our Mainline Pro-Hub Dynamometer, we can accurately calibrate your Skoda engine. Unlike the typical Roller-Dyno, our Hub Dyno allows for precise data and measurements. With our in-house Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers, we can accurately calibrate your Skoda engine to your exact driving preferences. We, therefore, can deliver a fully custom Skoda performance tune. With our Skoda performance tuning, we can provide your Skoda with greater acceleration and much more power output.

Skoda Performance Upgrades

With over a decade of on-hand Skoda experience, we are equipped to handle all Skoda Performance Upgrades! From intakes and exhaust upgrades to full engine rebuilds, you can trust Prestige Auto Works to meet your expectations. Maintain the OEM drivability and reliability of your Skoda while increasing horsepower and torque to new levels. With our access to various suppliers, we can provide the exact Skoda performance upgrades you’re after. Whether you’re in the market for Skoda lowering springs or Skoda exhaust system, we can help you with every step.

Our Skoda specialists in Melbourne will take you from supply to fitment as well as maintenance for your Skoda performance upgrade. At Prestige Auto Works, we change how your Skoda drives. We supply & fit a wide range of Skoda Performance Upgrades.