BMW Tuning & Performance


Prestige Auto Works Melbourne offers ECU and TCU tuning services to improve your BMW’s performance. BMW produces exceptional diesel engines that deliver phenomenal power. With our BMW ECU tuning expertise, we are capable of increasing the power, torque and sound of your BMW. As one of the European brands known for its high-performance potential, we can make your BMW the wildest, fastest, and craziest car in Melbourne. We’ve got BMW specialists to unlock its full power. Our team uses only highly-recommended tools for your BMW vehicle.

From body styling to a suspension, engine and transmission upgrade, or a custom dyno tune, Prestige Auto Works has the perfect solution for you. Whether it’s a BMW M2, M3 or M4, we got you covered. Our BMW Tuning not only provides more power and torque but also greater fuel economy for your diesel engine and other engine types. For all your BMW tuning in Melbourne, please contact us to learn more!

Our goal with each BMW ECU Tune or Dyno Tune is to extract the maximum possible gains out of the BMW while keeping the operating parameters safely within the confines of reliability and longevity. With our Custom Bentley tuning, we are able to individualise each tune to our customer’s needs.