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It is one of the most powerful tools you can have for a dyno tune. Combined with the best specialists in car tuning in Melbourne, Prestige Auto Works is the place to go.   Our Mainline Dynolog AWD ProHub Dyno consists of removing the four wheels from the vehicle and set four special adapters bolted on in their place. The adapter is in the dyno pod, which includes the power absorber. There is no risk of wheelspin with our hub dyno, and it benefits the accuracy and repeatability run-to-run.   Dyno Tuning at Prestige Auto Works helps improve acceleration, enhance torque, increase engine power, and reduce fuel costs. These are achieved through the capability of replicating road driving conditions at different speeds, RPMs and elevations (dyno runs). The computer records all the vital statistics from every dyno run, and we compare it with a readout of your vehicle’s performance before tuning.    We offer dyno power runs for Volkswagens, Ferraris, Audis, Porsches, Lamborghinis, Mercedes, and BMWs to know how much horsepower/torque your vehicle is generating at the hubs. We use the latest technology combined with years of experience and mechanical expertise to get the most of your engine safely.



 tuning is an art and at Prestige Auto Works, we assure you we have the best specialists in dyno tuning in Melbourne. We carry out comprehensive testing on your vehicle before performing any custom dyno tuning. We also give you the certainty that we won’t do anything on your car before discussing the work on your vehicle and the costs.  Book Now